On this, my Website, I’d like to make it clear that with my work as Author and Trauma-Therapist (Diploma and Method: Dr. Peter Levine) I mainly want to create more understanding for the ‘Invisibly Disabled’ amongst us. I just had the chance, thanks to the Chief Editor, Pascale Breitenstein of the Munich mvg-Press, to have my first international Bestseller of 1986 re-published after 30 years of success. It helped break the taboo of Incest and sexual abuse. The book now includes my Happy-End in the 2nd part which I could finally experience at the age of 76.

Therefore it is called:

‘I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died and hated Sex till I found Love.’ ‘

This LOVE is my third husband!

Questions that concerned me mostly are:

1. 1. Why do people, who had to suffer a childhood trauma of sexual abuse later often compulsively, have sex outside of marriage?


2. 2. Why do people become paedophile?

I have found out that many people who suffered under horrific abuse in childhood, are split, de-ranged and overly-needy, stuk at the age of the trauma. They race hyperactively through life like a sport car on full throttle, with their brakes full on at the same time, not aware they are compulsively on the run from the once prevented escape of their childhood horror. They develop compulsions that drive them.
On top of this, they’re trying to regain their stolen childhood and many want a secure family-relationship. In time some have difficulties as ‘sex in marriage’ begins to feel like the ‘duty’ once forced-on them by their perpetrator.
With me it was my father who for four years, cheated with me on my mother!
The split comes through the disgust at the same time as the stimulated feelings, wakened at a much too early age, cause nice feelings. And being thus programmed at a very early age, can cause victims to become addicted to sexual feelings and develop into becoming paedophile without wanting to.