About Iris Galey

Born on the 9.3.1936 in Basel Switzerland. Moves to England at the age of nine, where her Father abuses her sexually for four years. After Father’s suicide returns to Switzerland where she finishes her schooling. First marriage. Trains to become a Teacher of Gymnastics and Dance and teaches English at Berlitz language schools. Second marriage. Mother of two daughters. Immigration to New Zealand. Confrontation with Pentecostal churches. Returns to Basel at the age of 62.Writes 3 Bestsellers for Zytgloggen Press about Brainwashing and Sexual and Religious abuse. Public Speaking. Speaks internationally on the long-term-effects of abuse and traumatic experiences. Receives Diploma to become an S.E. Trauma-Therapist at the age of 67 after 4 years of training with Dr. Peter Levine. On the 23rd of November 2012 marriage to Peter Gubler.


Activities since 1999

Rebuilding of own life.
Training for Diploma for S.E. Trauma therapy with Dr. Peter Levine,
Writing of the 4th book ‘The Frozen Smile.’ (Giger-Publishers. 2009.)
Book-readings and Lectures.
In November 2016 her first Bestseller that helped to break the taboo of incest and sexual abuse internationally in 1986, comes out again after 30 years including the now Happy End of her life:
‘I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died and hated sex till I found love.’ (mgv-Publishers, Munich)


Iris Galey has been working for Incest and sexual abuse survivors since 1983

I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died (No 1 Bestseller)
ISBN: 3-492-11476-8
Benton Ross and Random House New Zealand
Year of publication: 1984
On Incest and sexual abuse
Out of print but
now newly printed with 2nd part about ‘Happy End’ in Geman:
‘I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died and hated Sex Till I Found Love.’
Mvg-publishers Munich.
ISBN Print 978-3-86882-604-3 münchner-verlagsgruppe.de

When Iris‘ first book was printed in German in 1986 the book became Bestseller No 1 ‚ Ich weinte nicht als Vater starb‘, 1986 in Zytgloggen Verlag. Switzerland and Germany and in many countries and languages.

The Soulrapists. (No 1 Bestseller)
ISBN 3-7296-0348-9
Publisher: Zytglogge, Bern in German
Year of publication 1993
Languages German and Türkish
On religious abuse and brainwashing
Out of print. Possibly to be found 2nd hand.

Lilly White–Black. The Monster I Could Have Become. (No 1. Bestseller.)
ISBN: 3-7296-0427-9
Publisher: Zytglogge, Bern
Year of print: 1993
Languages: German and Turkish
On children raised by psychologically damaged parents.
Out of print, possibly to be found 2nd hand.

The Frozen Smile, my long road to healing
ISBN: 978-3-9523532-2-6
Publisher: GIGER, CH-Altendorf/b. ZH
Year of publication: 2009
Language: German About learning to live an own life after controlling conditioning and sexual as well as religious abuse.
Can be bought from Iris signed or in shops
Mail: irisgaley@hotmail.com

NEW : the re-publication of ‘I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died’
In German now called:
I Couldn’t Cry When Daddy Died and hated sex till I found Love,
Looking for English-language Publisher.

Iris is working on her first Play:
‘Good-bye, Mr. Sky
And on her next book:
‘The imaculate conception of Mrs.Maria Meyer.’